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Title Companies

Title companies count on our surveys to ensure there are no encroachment issues that could jeopardize property ownership at mortgage closings. They use our boundary surveys to guarantee that new developments won’t encroach on neighboring properties. And the results of our title surveys offer buyers the reassurance that neighboring properties have not encroached onto the property they’re purchasing. This assurance is critical in maintaining a clear title and avoiding potential future land disputes.


Before construction begins, homeowners rely on our land surveyors to conduct a thorough site analysis of their property’s existing features to determine the optimal placement of new construction. After construction is completed, we perform as-built surveys to confirm that the new building features match the intended design and are in the correct positions. This final survey is crucial for documentation, legal purposes, and potential future projects.

For anyone buying or selling a property, an updated survey helps to accurately represent a property features and boundaries, aiding both parties in understanding what precisely is being transferred.

Lenders often require up-to-date surveys to issue title insurance. We provide that information, as well.

We also help prevent uncertainty by accurately determining and marking the exact boundaries of a property, delineating precisely where the client’s land ends and their neighbors’ land begins.

For zoning compliance, our surveys ensure that homeowners’ property plans and projects adhere to local zoning regulations, helping to avoid potential legal and construction-related issues.

Our topographical data informs landscaping, grading, and drainage planning, providing valuable information about a property’s natural features and contours.

New! Homeowners use our 3D Laser Scanning Services to generate floor plans and visualize home improvement projects that make the most of their renovation or addition plans.


Precise property boundaries enable engineers to know the exact locations within which their engineering projects must be contained. Elevation information is crucial for designing proper foundations, drainage systems, and grading plans that promote water flow and stability.

TC Merritts delivers this vital information and more. Our stakeout guidance marks the precise locations for construction based on the engineering plans helping to ensure the actual construction matches the intended design. For design and data planning, the data our land surveyors collect delineates the foundation location for engineering design and planning work, helping engineers make informed decisions and create effective designs.

New! Engineers use our 3D Laser Scanning Services to conduct detailed surveys of infrastructure, such as bridges and roads, for maintenance and inspection.


Our precise measurements of a property’s dimensions and restrictions provide architects with the site measurements they require to ensure their designs fit within the available space. They also use our accurate building dimensions to understand a site’s dimensions, layouts, and relationships with other structures.

And to facilitate the creation of designs that integrate seamlessly with the terrain, our detailed topographical data pinpoints the geography of a land’s natural features, such as slopes and elevation contours.

New! Architects use our 3D Laser Scanning Services to capture as-built data of existing structures with high precision and detail.

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers count on TC Merritts Land Surveyors to facilitate site development through precise topographical mapping, expert identification of underground utilities and accurate construction staking.

Engineering Design

For over 40 years, we have worked closely with civil engineers to clearly identify the existing “as-built” conditions that can impact a project’s engineering design, including:

  • Establishing perimeters of the site
  • Buildability
  • Identifying location of electrical, gas, sewer and water utilities
  • Site access
  • ADA compatibility
  • Detecting evidence of potential adverse impacts from adjacent properties


Our certifications assure compliance with the design standards of state and local agencies. We also provide the services needed to ensure ADA-compliant accessibility.

Construction Staking

Rough Grade Staking – Our work enables contractors to grade and prepare slopes, building outlines, parking lots, roadways, and other factors essential to the rough grading of a site.

Site Layout Staking – We provide the services needed for staking underground and above ground features, including:


Above ground

Environmental Organizations

TC Merritts Land Surveyors supports the protection and conservation of natural resources by delivering accurate information about a particular area of land and its features.

Environmental Impact Assessments:

Our ability to precisely map and measure land features helps developers in creating plans that minimize environmental impact, protect sensitive areas, and identify areas that may be at risk of environmental damage.

Land Use Planning:

We assist organizations in preserving natural resources by identifying areas of high biodiversity, mapping flood zones, and providing information that ensures development projects comply with environmental regulations.

Mapping and Monitoring:

The information gained from our mapping and monitoring surveys can be used to track changes in an ecosystem over time so that strategies can be developed to protect natural resources.

Boundary Disputes:

Our surveying data helps resolve boundary disputes that may arise over the boundaries of wetlands, protected areas, and other areas designated for preservation.


With decades of experience in performing land surveys for towns, cities and villages across New York and Connecticut, TC Merritts Land Surveyors has helped many municipalities in achieving their goals in land development, infrastructure planning, and environmental protection.

We understand that in addition to providing accurate current data, municipal surveying must consider the relationship with local citizens, plans for future development, and other potential issues and changes.

Our surveys are subject to exacting horizontal and vertical controls, enabling precise and dependable triangulation between carefully selected benchmarks.

Through our services, municipalities can:

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